The Uber Life

The future of luxury living comes to Bangalore in the form of ultra luxury villas. The most elegant use of space, comfort, and amenities welcome you to a grand life. The uber rich of Bangalore look at investing in homes that bring out the finest delights of life.

Ultra luxury villas are designed to make your everyday a vacation. Now you don’t need to fly to exotic locations to experience the affluence of a personal luxury. Lush gardens, health clubs, an independent jacuuzzi, and a host of facilities that will leave you spellbound.

To begin with these excessively large homes have very high ceilings, therefore bringing down the natural temperature inside your home. In addition, the circulation of air brings both health and a great sense of space. You will also experience the vast spaces outside your homes within the gated community. Multi-level security ensures no stranger strays into the complex posing to know you. Huge parks with fountains bring the freshness and greenery closer home. With dedicated tracks for the walkers and a bike lane for children to learn and practice cyling are only a few facilities that you won’t get in other residential complexes.

The builders ensure their customers get bespoke style and glamour as part of their daily lives. Where else would you get heated swimming pools, party area, rainwater harvesting, state-of-the-art fittings and furnishings at home! With the price you are willing to pay, you can celebrate every day of your lives with your loved ones as if on an ultra uber vacation in Bellezea by Nambiar Builders.


The Uber Life