Together for Tomorrow

Like the vast majority of the nation, Nambiar Builders, too, has an intense passion for sports. The C.R. Nambiar Sports Academy was founded on November 28, 2009, in Iritty, Kannur, as a tribute to the late Sri: C. Rairu Nambiar, by his children Rajesh, Ramesh and Ratheesh. Through professional training and sports camps, the academy aims to instil a rich sporting culture in young athletes.

45 young men and women have already been selected from the local panchayat, ready to be nurtured and trained to become future Olympians. The selection process follows the same standards as other elite sports academies.

C.R. Nambiar Sports Academy ensures that every aspirant is taken care of and professionally trained under the guidance of experienced coaches. The academy also provides sports kits and special diets for holistic physical and mental development.

C R Nambiar Sports Academy also conducts the ‘Malabar Marathon’ – a national-level half marathon, every year on November 28. Participants from all over India compete to take home the coveted prize money and the Malabar Marathoner title.

Like the vast majority of the country, Nambiar Builders shares an intense love for sports. As a tribute to the fond memory of their father Sri. C. Rairu Nambiar, the C.R. Nambiar Sports Academy was formed on November 28, 2009 in Iritty, Kannur by his children – the directors of Nambiar Builders. The academy aims to promote a rich culture of sports through professional training and sports camps to the young athletes.

With the aim of producing future Olympians in athletics, the academy has already selected 45 youngsters – both boys and girls from the local panchayat.

The selection process is based on the criteria followed by other Sports Academies. These youngsters are well catered by the academy by giving them special diet and sports kits free-of-cost and are professionally trained under the able guidance of experienced coaches.

Down the line, Nambiar Builders has plans to spread this facility to various parts of the district to groom young talent.

C R Nambiar Sports Academy conducts ‘Malabar Marathon’ – a national level half marathon competition, every year on 28th of November, which attracts talent from different parts of the country. The event has already been recognized due to the high participation and the prize money that it offers to the participants.

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