Onam Celebration

“Life becomes a festival when gaiety and culture blend”

Onam is the annual harvest festival, celebrated with wondrous fervour and revelry. We at Nambiar Bellezea make it a point that the celebrations of Onam are a high point for the residents. We celebrate it with great devotion as we believe King Mahabali’s spirit visits Kerala during this time.

The residents take part in it and the zeal and enthusiasm are evident in their actions. The community comes together to create a festive atmosphere with traditional decorations, dance and activities, including the Pookalam, an intricate and colourful arrangement of flowers beautifully decorated on the floor.

The event’s highlight is the grand Onam feast, known as the ‘Sadya’, which features a variety of traditional dishes served on banana leaves.

The Onam celebration is a wonderful opportunity for residents to come together and celebrate their rich cultural heritage. It showcases the spirit of unity, joy, and inclusivity!

Onam Celebration