The Aster Hospital

The space utilisation of Aster Whitefield Hospital is brilliantly designed and executed. The layout minimises the travel distance between the frequently used spaces and creates an efficient logistics

Sobha townpark commercial

Sobha Townpark brings together a one-of-a-kind 7.61 acres of commercial development in Bengaluru. It is the perfect destination for every business to come together and create an environment that promotes

Nambiar Ensemble

Nambiar Ensemble is an innovative space for our marketing office and experience centre. It is a majestic space that blends architecture, landscape and interior design in a way that unfolds mystery


Project Name Project Type Developer Total Land Extent
1 Sobha Townpark Brooklyn
- Phase 2
Mixed Development Joint Venture 12
2 Sobha Townpark - Mall Commercial Joint Venture 4
3 Sobha Townpark -
Phase 1
Mixed Development Joint Venture 33
4 Bellezea Phase - 6 Villa Project Nambiar Builders 21
5 Apartment Project in Nambiar Bellezea Adjacent to Narayangatta Lake Nambiar Builders 17
6 Ellegenza Phase - II Villa Project Nambiar Builders 8.45
7 Urban Space Projects Private Limited Yadavananahalli, Villa Project Nambiar Builders 20
8 Nambiar District 25
Phase 1
Residential Project Nambiar Builders 22
9 Nambiar District 25
Phase 2
Residential Project Nambiar Builders 42
10 Nambiar District 25 Commercial Projects Commercial Projects Nambiar Builders 23