Painted Art For Your Living Room / Drawing Room Walls

When one thinks of luxurious home decor, one envisions those opulent, mystical villas in the Estée Lauder ad campaigns of the eighties. Winding flights of stairs, glossy and gold embellished ceilings, travertine floors (with a voice that sounds like Elvis Presley crooning in the background), everything in those luxury villas are straight out of an interior designer’s dream. However, what adds to the air of elusiveness is the painted art, ensconced amidst the sleek walls and chic curtains.

While you might not be able to get your hands on a masterpiece by Picasso, you can still find the right art pieces to adorn your drawing room walls. Something that might end up rivalling those glorious ad campaigns.

5 things to consider while buying painted art pieces :

Bold, Bright & Beautiful.

Textile-painted art exudes all three with charming undertones. The bespoke art exerts a worn, aged effect and resonates with a bygone era, making it all the more aesthetic. Furthermore, it is bound to make your drawing room decor stand out from the rest. You can also spruce up your drawing room by hanging up a textile-painted art that offers a striking contrast with your upholstery. Try to go for earthy materials like linen. Don’t hold yourself back from making it as bold as you want it to be. After all, nothing tells a better life story than your wall art!

More is More

When it comes to painted art, especially for your drawing room or living room area, it would be better if you forsake the word – modesty. Forget about inhibitions, make a bold statement with bright, intriguing and multiple-wall art on one single wall. Use massive golden frames, and ornate designs and create a diverse gallery of your own. Try to have fun with your decor, which might reflect your whole drawing room.

Grand & Impressive

If you are a fan of grandeur and over-the-top luxury, then you might want to go with something that screams “OMG! Look at me!”. This is where grand, not to say impressive paintings come into play. If you nestle your painting in a rich golden frame, it would give your drawing room a more rich and dramatic effect. Couple the whole interior with elegant candlesticks to make it appear romantic and classy.

Tiny Size, Huge Effect

If you are, for some reason, unwilling to adorn your drawing room walls with massive frames and indicate designs, then why not have a small-sized painted art piece? You can hang it anywhere in your drawing room or living room – above a single couch or your console table.

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Painted Art For Your Living Room / Drawing Room Walls