What makes a luxury villa in Bangalore stand out from the others?

In its 2017 research on Luxury Villas in Bangalore, The Economic Times came up with some interesting aspects to explore, especially for those who are looking to invest in Luxury villas in Bangalore.

The report stated that, “While the luxury-living space is stagnant in the rest of India, Bengaluru is the only Indian city to have seen a 45% spike in demand. Sales in the Central Business District have been rock steady, luxury constructions in the peripherals however have seen some corrections.”

So, what makes Bangalore an ideal choice for Villas and why do these luxurious villas stand out from the others?

The same report stated that, the average age group for buying a home has dropped from 40 to 34 years in the last decade. Bengalureans are buying their first homes in their late 20s. Young married couples make home investment a priority. This is a really good news for builders who are looking to explore luxurious projects with world-class amenities as they see a demand from younger generations.

Moreover, it is pure economics that whenever there is a pull market like Villa investments in Bangalore, buyers tend to benefit the most, as builders compete to offer nothing but the best. Perhaps this is the primary reason why the Bangalore landscape has seen some stunning luxurious villas lined up.

On the other hand, this metro has got a sizeable population of NRIs, Expatriates, HNIs, Foreign Dignitaries and the cream of IT and service sector members residing either temporarily or permanently. It is well known that this upper echelons of the society have a great penchant for villa properties. No wonder, one can see the luxury villa market booming in Bangalore.

The other significant aspect favoring Villas in Bangalore is the availability of large parcel of lands needed to construct Luxurious Villas. Proper infrastructure and transport facilities connecting these land pieces to the main city is a must and Bangalore scores well in this area. The current goldmine for luxury Villas in Bangalore as stated in the popular news daily is South: Koramangala to Electronic City; East: Whitefield and North: New Airport stretch

Last but not the least aspect favoring Luxury properties like Villas in Bangalore is the cost. The report had indicated that Bangalore luxury real estate market is 20% to 30% lower compared to the rates going in premium locations of established cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

These are some of the multitudes of factors that make luxury villas in Bangalore such a lucrative investment opportunity

There are many more reasons behind Bangalore’s Luxury market aura. However, these perhaps may be the top ones, which makes luxury villa real estate in Bangalore stand out from the others.

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What makes a luxury villa in Bangalore stand out from the others?