Luxury Comfort for the Techies

Bellezea offers high end luxury villas with plush experience. There is nothing more needed than some peace of mind and comfortable surroundings after a hard day’s work. The strategic location of Bellezea makes it a favorite location for the IT techies in the nearby area. Sarjapur Road has over the years transformed into a micro market for IT and ITES companies. Many popular organizations have opened their offices near Bellezea owing to the affordable yet high end residential options for their employees here.

A lot of technological talent has moved to this part of the city as IT giants like Infosys and Wipro have their office campus here on Sarjapur Road. Moreover, if someone chooses to work at the Electronics City, it is easily reachable via the Hosur or Haralur Roads. With the residential population being dominated by IT wizards, Bellezea is the choicest location for anyone who works on either ORR, Whitefield, or Electronics City.

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In today’s hectic lifestyle, it becomes imperative to have a work-life balance, and one of the key factors therefore, becomes the home’s proximity to work. With an efficiently running IT Hub near Bellezea, this aspect is well taken care of.

Sarjapur Road has attracted big names in the IT sector to open offices here. Organizations like KPMG, Interra Systems, Netscape Communications, Dharma System, Convergys India have been operating from their offices near Bellezea and their employees are happily experiencing the luxury of high class facilities and services with the time at hand.


Luxury Comfort for the Techies