4 Ideas to Jazz Up Your Home Decor

Home Theatre Home Decor

You have just purchased a luxury villa on your 50th birthday. After which you have decorated your home with the choicest high-end products that exude class and opulence. This surely calls for a celebration! But, wait! Is something missing? Ah yes, the perfect companion to your favourite LED TV – your very own home theatre. […]

Sculptures & Art

Luxury villa in bangalore

Ornate sculptures are a thing of beauty, and as Keats said a ‘thing of beauty is a joy forever.’ The word sculpture in our times is synonymous with Michelangelo’s David which is also one of the most celebrated and revered sculptures of all time. And when one hears the word sculpture, one automatically envisions those […]

Painted Art For Your Living Room / Drawing Room Walls

luxury villa cover page

When one thinks of luxurious home decor, one envisions those opulent, mystical villas in the Estée Lauder ad campaigns of the eighties. Winding flights of stairs, glossy and gold embellished ceilings, travertine floors (with a voice that sounds like Elvis Presley crooning in the background), everything in those luxury villas are straight out of an […]

Home Enhancement Series : Kitchen Design

kitchen in luxury villa

Today’s kitchens are a living, breathing space, dedicated to more than just cooking meals. Filled with energy and life, the kitchen is the soul of a home: it has become a conversation facilitator, a space to hang out and catch up with your loved ones. Kitchen styles come in many varieties and you must have […]

Home Enhancement Series: Light Essentials


Your home is indeed a reflection of you and is an expression of your identity; the abode where life’s beautiful moments are made. We commence our home enhancement series (tips on enhancing the character of your place of living) with suggestions on light fixtures. Light fixtures are a key element in the design of a […]