Advantages of Living Near your Workspace

We all are too familiar with the pressing urgency to rush back home after gruelling hours of work in the office. The idea itself is nerve-wracking!

Plus, frequent travelling can also become extremely tedious, not to say incessantly irritable from being stuck in long traffic for hours. The smartest solution to this is to buy a home near your workplace! Have a look at some of the most common advantages of living near your workspace. These advantages will further strengthen your belief and compel you to finally search for a place near your workspace.

1. Increase in your productivity

As aforementioned, travelling for long distances frequently can be extremely annoying and tedious. This might lead to anxiety and restlessness. On the contrary, if you can hop between home and work within a couple of minutes, then you are more likely to think with a clear mind and hence be more productive.

2. Reduce Pollution

This is as obvious as it can get. If everyone starts to think like that and prefers living near their workspace, we will be successful in bringing down the pollution level of our country. Less number of cars on the road means less hazardous fumes and emissions.

3. Work-Life Balance

Daily travel not only affects your romantic relationships but also hinders your platonic ones. Say, for example, if you are travelling 3-4 hours in total, for a 9-5 job, you might as well say goodbye to any work-life balance. However, by living near your workspace, you can spend a whole lot of time with friends and family, and hence lead a happier life.

4. It will help you stay healthy

While most people prefer desk work as compared to fieldwork, it still has a downside. For one, the time you save on travelling can give you more room for exercising to be in better shape. Secondly, if you choose to live near your workspace, you can commute to your office on foot or on a bicycle. This again serves two purposes – it reduces pollution and helps one stay healthy.

Bellezea by Nambiar Builders is strategically located between Hosur Road and Sarjapur Road, just 10 mins. from Wipro corporate office, on the Dommasandra – Chandapura road. It is also nearby to the following areas:

  • Electronic City – 6.9km / 14 Mins
  • Bellandur / Outer Ring Road – 14.6 km / 30 Mins
  • Whitefield – 17.6 km / 35 Mins

Electronic City Visible from Bellezea by Nambiar Builders


Advantages of Living Near your Workspace