5 Must-have Amenities in a Gated Community Villa

Most of the Gated Community Villas in Bangalore ensure these three prerequisites needed for balanced living: Luxury, Comfort & Security.  However, the utilitarian value of the amenities offered decides the quality & sustainability of a particular community villa.

Hence in the pursuit of finding the best Luxury Villa in Bangalore with gated community, ensure these top 5 amenities are offered as best in class and high quality.

Secured Environment

Safety comes first and it begins at home. Every gated community must have a team of dedicated and trained security personnel apart from a robust security infrastructure. Hence, check on safety instruments, processes and resources before giving your consent.  CCTVs, Fire Extinguishers, Fire safety mechanisms, entry gate registration the list can get bigger and better.

Recreational Options

Clubs & Internal Forums help us be active socially and delineate the concept of quality living. Organizing official meetings or friendly parties become easier, when a Meeting hall or auditorium is available and placed within the community.

Indoor courts & outdoor playgrounds rejuvenate our senses, undoubtedly.  Hence check whether these are in place and offer great features and functionalities.

Children’s Play Area

A home must predominantly be children-centric, which helps them acquire the basic skills, through games and interacting with their peers.

It is both competitive & encouraging when children of different cultures have a common play area, as their interpersonal skills & social awareness are enhanced. Obviously it is very much possible at schools where our children get exposed to varied backgrounds. At the same time, when we expect schools to be ‘Home away from home’, we must expect our homes to be a place for learning & development.

Swimming Pool

It is no more a luxury and has become a daily stress-reliever. A properly maintained swimming pool with good safety and aesthetics specifications is what one must look forward.

Prefer outdoor swimming pools with different shapes and sizes to monogamous indoor pools.

Unhindered Electricity & Water Supply

Not just in Bangalore, water & electric scarcity is a universal issue now. However, through self-reliable environment, we can manage and receive unimpeded supply of these resources.

If you are looking for a gated community villa in Bangalore for sale, with all the above mentioned amenities, we recommend you to check Nambiar Bellezea – the sanctuary of ultimate luxury. Bellezea offers a tapestry of peace, privacy and opulence, exhibiting the refined blend of classic sophistication and modern subtlety.

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5 Must-have Amenities in a Gated Community Villa